African Business Enablers Investment Platform

Our 4-Step Process

De-Risk Investment Projects

Present investors and fund managers with low risk and bankable projects for funding. Exhaustive background screening to minimize investor risk.

Mentor Entrepreneurs/Startups

Incorporate mentoring, coaching, and monitoring of project throughout the project life-cycle

Focus on Smart Technology

Combine mobile apps, social media, and livestreaming technologies to help mentor and coach startups and supported projects

Anchor Projects to their Communities

All our clients agree to to sign Community Benefit Agreements (CBAs) that will help ensure they give back to the communities where they are based


I'm an Investor

I'm an Entrepreneur

Our Services


Our curation process involves screening, vetting, and verifying proposals for veracity and sustainability. We do our due diligence to make sure that any proposal that goes through to the evaluation phase is worthy of our time, effort, and financial investment.


We independently interview key partners and conduct multilayered background checks to confirm the key players’ resumes and accomplishments. We also conduct a rigorous local market research and analysis to determine if projects are viable and can scale.

Venture/Project Rating

As part of our curation of ventures, we assign grades to each project to indicate viability, risk level and future potential. Our rating is designed to give you confidence in.

A.B.E.N Portfolio

Our portfolio companies are startups that not only have the potential to revolutionize their ecosystem but they have already had major impacts in the lives of their communities and environment. We only partner with leaders who lift their communities and industry. They expect no less from us as well.

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